How many associations are there for the most popular sport in the world? This has always been a popular question, but how many have influenced Cinderford Town FC? Below is a list of the associations linked to Football and without them you’d not succeed:

1. The Football Association

In 1863, the FA in England (Football Association) is responsible for all its leagues in Europe. It has been a member of FIFA since 1905 and UEFA since 1954. Currently, blue-blooded Prince William is seated as president of the association.

2. Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Formed in June 15th, 1954 in Basel, Switzerland and initially composed of just 25 associations, UEFA is now the governing body of football in Europe (including international competitions) with currently 53 members making it the richest among the other organizations by far.

3. Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)

The famous FIFA appeared May 21st, 1904 in Paris initially handling European national associations. Today, it’s the main body in world football association having quickly developed all over the world which is why it is now comprised of 207 domestic Football Association.

These are the main three associations that make all the difference. Football wouldn’t be the wonderful worldwide game it is today without these three associations making the effort to keep the game what it is. At Cinderford, they know without the help of associations they won’t succeed. All clubs need rules and all footballers need guidance. The UEFA league has always been that league to win. At Cinderford, they haven’t yet won it! But who knows, maybe one day, but all the associations are growing and expanding yearly. Knowing what award ceremonies are linked is also interesting, because the FIFA player of the year may one day be a Cinderford player, who knows! Football is becoming more passionate with its fans at Cinderford Town yearly. Every session brings something new.