The Causeway ground is an old built ground. Right now you’ve lots of improvements taking place but considering the crowds it gets it was already pretty adequate. The ground has all of its covered accommodation along one side with its main seating area, and the other side is open standing.

Concerning the food and drink at the Causeway, you’ve reasonable facilities, like a friendly little clubhouse that sells both soft drinks and a small choice of cider and beer beverages. The food is decent, with a wide choice of things to eat, from burgers and, hot dogs to pies. You’ve pretty much the same on offer as at any other stadium.

The Gift shop is a great place to visit, with a huge selection of old programmes and great souvenirs to take away, the staff are so friendly, and you’ve a number of different little gifts to take away after the game. Having a walk around the gift shop is definitely a must. Taking a little bit away is always a great thing from every game. One unusual thing fans are known to take is a piece of grass, and people are known to sneak a piece from time to time, after watching them play a great game and win.

Floodlights were introduced and installed back in 1991, and during the 1993 session the pitch had a lot of work done on it; The club then moved to Worrall Hill whilst the work was being carried out. This meant for great changes and the pitch being levelled out, which meant when they came back, they played on a must better pitch. Today the pitch is in great shape, with work constantly being done to make plans and improvements for both the player and supporters. In June 2017 pre-planning was put in place for upcoming improvements. It was announced by Chairman Stuart Tait at the end of the 2017 season, that planning has been put in place.