Everyone always likes a drink after a good game and around Cinderford you’ve plenty of pubs that fans head to after a game, to either celebrate a win or to mourn a loss, either way its known that the fans are always after a nice drink after a match, below are a number of favourite pubs known to fans:

Forge Hammer Inn

The Forge Hammer Inn is a great little pub that gives you a very warm welcome on entrance, food wise it’s known to serve great Indian dishes.

The Mount Pleasant

A very friendly pub, most welcoming, serves great ale and a reasonable food.

Nags Head Inn,

Fantastic pub, extremely friendly with a great choice of drinks, the people seem to give you a wonderful warm feeling when you enter.

The Rising Sun

This pub holds great quiz nights, but is a spot a number of Foresters hang out and enjoy a few drinks after the game. Sometimes even a few football songs are sung.

The Royal Foresters Hotel

If you are visiting from another team then this is a great hotel with a fantastic warm and friendly pub attached.

The Upper Bilson Inn

One of the nicest pubs to visit, you’ve great music as well as fantastic food and ale, the people in this pub seem to give you a wonderfully warm feeling.

White Hart Inn

Visiting this pub is always a warm experience with great staff, nice food and wonderful ale, also on a Saturday, they are known to put on fantastic local entertainment.

You can’t beat after watching your team win, joining in at one of the local pubs, having a sing with friends and carrying on that great feeling you get from the wonderful atmosphere you experience at a football game, having that drink before you head home is always fun.