In 2012 Cinderford Town Youth FC was formed, giving talented young kids of all ages a chance to shine. Nowadays, because the senior team is growing constantly in size, the youth team has started to grow too and they share a very close relationship with one another. The under 13s, 15s and 18s all get to play on the same pitch.

Like in most big football teams on a Sunday, children can join from the age of three and end up going onto play in the youth league team and some also go on to play in the senior team. You have a number of opportunities for youngsters in Cinderford to enter football with confidence.

The biggest thing to learn when running a youth club is to create the correct environment, at Cinderford, all the youngsters are made to feel confident, by encouraging active involvement from the seniors. So many children today are distracted by video games and television. Getting them to show an interest in Football at a very young age is always the way to go if you spot young talent.

Coaches teaching the youth team don’t just teach them to kick a ball, they teach them to involve young players in all aspects of the game, so many youth teams think its all about teaching your youngsters drills when really it’s about involvement and showing them what to do in different situations. Getting to know the youngsters and allowing them to tell you how they need improvements are how this youth team works. Spotting the youth teams bad habits and making improvements is a must.

Making a session plan is something that the youth team requires, nobody learns everything at once. Sticking to teaching what has always worked in the past is always the best thing. At Cinderford Youth FC you learn the skills you need to go on and succeed in league football.