Getting ready for that big game is always fun, is your team going to win? Is your favourite player going to score? Are you going to be happy with the result? You can always find great things to do before going to a game around most towns. Cinderford is full of other great activities to take part in and wonderful walking trails to venture down. Being a fan of the football team or visiting as an away team you’ve lots of other activities in the town to pass the time, if you arrive early, below are some ideas to get yourself ready before a game.

1. Always dress prepared for bad weather – this is always important, so you don’t freeze or on a hot day you don’t melt. take along a sweater in case its cold, an umbrella in case of rain and for those extremely hot days, take along a fan.

2. Understand if you’ve not paid for a seat you are standing for 90 minutes plus extra – try not to forget at Cinderford if you pay to stand then you are standing, so don’t get annoyed when your feet start to hurt.

3. Where you sit matters – always remember picking your seating always matters, the better seats you have, the better view you will get, this is always important. It’s always annoying getting to a game and seeing you don’t have a good view.

4. Take enough money for food and drinks – at Cinderford Town you’ve a great cafe and plenty of choices for food and drink, treat yourself to something and enjoy the match! Most people enjoy a foot long hot dog at a match, or a pie.

5. Know the home colour of the team – Don’t turn up with an away shirt at at a home game, because even though they are both the team’s shirts, it’s better to wear the home shirt at a home game and the away shirt at an away game.