Cinderford Town FC is a Football club based in the Cinderford, Gloucestershire. They are affiliated to the Gloucestershire County FA. On this website, you will find information about football and so much more.

The club originally played at the Royal Oak ground and today they now play at the Causeway Ground. Over the years the Causeway Ground has had many improvements done to it and still is today! The ground has plenty for its fans and a great gift shop. Concerning food and drink you’ve plenty of choices.

This website is filled with information not just about football but also other fun facts about Cinderford FC. It is always great reading fun facts about football and Cinderford, here are a few fun facts about football in general for you:

  • Real Madrid holds the record for five wins in the European Cup.
  • The youngest football player to ever play in the World Cup is Norman Whiteside.
  • Mexico has the record of being the first country to host the World Cups two times.
  • The most successful soccer team in Argentina is the River Plate team.
  • A dog could retrieve the stolen trophy for the World Cup of 1996.
  • Football has the most number of fans among the sports in the whole world.
  • Women nowadays also compete at World Cup standard and have their own leagues

Today, Cinderford FC enjoys bringing you great games to watch and fun times to have, coming together as a club and always making changes is what Cinderford FC wish to do…